Sigh Clothing

Sigh Clothing - Urban Beach Chic

Sigh, as the name suggests, embodies ease and elegance, and daydreams of warmth and beauty. Sigh clothes appeal to women who like to express their individual, sensual nature in a laid-back style.

Sigh produces totally original, easy to wear clothing in natural fabrics in an organically developing collection, which combines classic styles with innovative designs.

Sigh aims to make clothes which suit women, and occasionally men and children, of all ages and can be worn in many different lifestyle situations.

Fantastic for travelling with; whether worn over a bikini at the beach or to a restaurant on a long summer evening, Sigh is an indispensible item taking up very little space in your luggage.

Due to its comfort and versatility, Sigh has been worn with delight by many expectant mothers, enhancing the natural, beautiful female form during pregnancy.

Sigh has regularly appeared at weddings, most recently worn by six bridesmaids and the groom, and has previously been chosen for summer beach weddings.

Sigh half length coat