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The Sigh range consists of many styles, in an ever-evolving collection. New styles are constantly introduced, remaining for varying amounts of time. This less seasonal, more organic approach reflects the varied lifestyles and locations of our customers.

The majority of the collection is produced in a specific variety of cotton muslin which we have found to have the right texture and which works extremely well on the bias. Cutting diagonally across the grain of the fabric allows the cloth to hang naturally against the body. To cut clothes this way takes more fabric, but we believe that it is the only way to create beautiful, flattering clothes which hang perfectly when worn.

The universal features of the collection are that each style packs small, is machine washable, dries quickly, does not need ironing, is made of natural fabrics and comes in a broad colour range.

Sigh's styles come in one size only, eliminating the stress that can surround sizing issues. If you are a UK size 8 to 16, most Sigh styles will fit you with comfort and ease, (for more detailed sizing information see individual style).

Dresses  Coats and Jackets  Skirts  Tops  Trousers  Kidswear