Sigh Clothing

About Sigh Clothing

Sigh as a fashion label first started producing and selling clothes in the Portobello Road area of Notting Hill in London.

Sigh's popularity caught on straight away with both locals and tourists, the simplicity and elegance appealing to people wishing either to take them travelling or to wear them in urban settings.

Since then we have continually introduced new styles and looks, whilst staying consistent with our core values of simplicity and natural elegance.

Sigh's designs employ beautiful colours, simple shapes and raw finishes to enhance the wearer's own shape, giving a modern, natural and elegant look.

We are currently working on a completely organic range. Meanwhile, our carbon footprint is small, using local products wherever possible. We currently use one of the last remaining independent dyers in London, in what was once a thriving industry.

Long sleeve dress and ruffle waistcoat